The PFA mini crew/performance compression and medical compression socks are the original patented compression arch support system that helps improve circulation, decrease foot fatigue, reduce inflammation, and helps with plantar faciitis. The arch support system lifts the foot into a more neutral alignment and provides compression in the arch similar to compression garments for legs or arms to help with muscle recovery and fatigue. The socks also contain web anchors that act like athletic tape which are woven into the sock to help keep the heel and foot in a neutral position that will allow for optimal biomechanical positioning and performance of the foot and body, which will help with ailments such as foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, and back pain.

Every PFA sock is enhanced by "foot surge"® reflexology which is based on foot reflexology points stimulating the nervous system to help enhance balance, flexibility, and muscle activation. Reflexology is a complex system that identifies and addresses the nerves located in the feet. The term reflexology refers to the application of pressure to the feet. These pressure points on the feet, in turn, affect the corresponding parts of the body. When pressure is applied to the feet, this pressure generates a signal which travels through the peripheral nervous system. From there, it enters the central nervous system, and it is then processed in various regions of the brain. After that, the sensation is relayed to the organs of the body, where the necessary adjustments in the allocation of resources are made. After all, this has occurred, a response is made and sent out to the motor system ("Muscular System"). That message is then sent forward and used to adjust overall tension level or tone of the body. 

We have studied and tested the best reflexology points that will allow the body to perform in its optimal state. Then we put those points into a sock and created PFA "Performance for All" socks. These socks are truly a scientific breakthrough by elevating performance, rejuvenating body systems and providing maximal comfort.